Tobago cays

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 24 Feb 2011 14:54
We have spent three great days in Tobago Cays. just behind our mooring is Jamesby island, it has abeautiful white sand beach and palm trees! We had the whole island to ourselves this morning can't believe our luck!
The nights have been fairly rough not condusive to sleep! We arranged a dive with Grenadines dive this morning. one of the most spectacular dives we have done so far, a drift dive through Mayreau Gardens, a fabulous wall of colourful coral and sponges set on a white sand background in crystal clear water. Caribbean reef sharks swimming by and nurse sharks basking between the rocks, huge schools of blue tangs and even the odd triggerfish, an hour of underwater wonders!
We were passed by two massive stingrays as we snorkelled off the boat this afternoon, they are great to watch, and then our resident turtle swam by. .
Miles from civilization, we still manage to part with money, for a baguette and two very expensive croissants, (should have asked the price first), a t-shirt and a lobster! Mr Fabulous cut the live lobster in half for us while we quickly panicked and found our two largest saucepans. . half in each, never having cooked lobster before we were pleasantly suprised by the result and decided to make lobster bisque with the remains, our own boat version with limited ingredients. . . yum!

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