Too Long!

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 29 Jun 2011 01:47
I'm sorry I've been so lapse in updating our blog since we arrived in USA.
Our feet have hardly touched the ground as we have been over whelmed with fabulous American hospitality.
We were rescued by the wonderful Trudy in Hampton while Mawari was being cared for and we awaited the arrival of Cameron
Cameron has been with us for 4 weeks> He arrived by Amtrak from JFK airport, New York, to Newport News Virginia and travelled with us up the Chesapeake with an OCC 4 day rally, meeting lots of fellow sailors including Rebecca and Sidney, Wolfgang and Gemma, Beverley and Jack, Martin and Elizabeth, Andrew and Celia, who have all contributed to our amazing experience.
We spent 2 days in Washington DC, a night with our dear friends Patty and David in Delaware, and then toured New York for a week, including a special day out with Roger and Ilene.
We saw Dolphins and Dinasaurs , Concorde and Blackbird, Picasso and Andy Worhol, a modern ballet and the High Line, The empire state building, Intrepid, a submarine, central park, Zabars and Freedom square, The Capitol and the Zoo, to name but a few. . . . before Cameron flew back to the UK with Bobs Phone in his pocket. . . .
Once we had aquired a new phone we set off, through Hells Gate, on an overnight sail to Mystic. . .

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