Still here!

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 13 Jan 2011 01:52
After a fabulous weekend in Barbuda we are back in Jolly Habour! We intended to just stay the night on a mooring buoy top up with water gas diesel and food and then set off for Guadalupe first thing Tuesday but the weather got the better of us 25kts with 3 metre plus waves we decided after a lot of discussion over a few bottles of wine with all these lovely people we keep bumping to stay put for a few days, We have had a chance to catch up sort out and re group and adjust to the fact that we can wait for the right weather at last!We met up with friends last night at the Tuesday night bogof pizza night which was great until we went back to the dinghy. I turned my back for 2 seconds and Bob had decided to swim back (fully clothed)Fortunately he was still wearing his glasses when he had recovered his senses!
We spent today working on the side panels sun screens and making a strop to secure the tender doing the laundry and sorting out the contents of the bilges,
Poor Cameron arrived in freezing cold Vancouver only to find customs have confiscated his bag with all his warm clothes and snow board equipment, his debit card isn't working either . hopefully some one will take pity on him!Aunt Wendy has been working very hard to try and sort it out with DHL. thank you so much!
Aunt Joyce celebrated her 80th yesterday, Happy Birthday, Hope you had a lovely chocolate cake, I still remember the ones you used to make for us!
Hopefully our next message will be from Guadalupe at the weekend!
If you get the chance please pass on our congratulations to William and Kate, just read an English newspaper !

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