Sawa i Lau / The Yasawa Islands

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 25 Sep 2014 02:32
The Yasawa group of islands are the western most part of Fiji. The chain consists of about 20 sparsely populated islands, with no roads or shops, villages survive on agriculture and tourism. The Yasawa Flyer, a high speed catamaran,  weaves its way through the islands, connecting them to the outside world.
Our first anchorage is in Sawa i Lau (meaning Tunnel to the Lau) Famous for its caves which according to legend, have tunnels connecting it to the Lau group of islands several hundreds of miles away. . .who needs a high speed catamaran?

Mawari at anchor

Breezy wash day. . . 

The landscape is very baron compared with eastern Fiji

casualty of the hurricane in December 2013

Take off. . .. 

Landing. . . ..

White headed Tern (no idea what its real name is, but pretty sure its a tern with a white head. .. )

Ragged rock formations at sunset