Marathon, The Keys.

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 9 Jan 2012 16:01
24:42.295N 81:05.764W
Just before we  leave Fort Lauderdale, Bob discovers he has a cousin living here, and we  spend a lovely day and evening with cousin Heather and her partner catching up on all the family goings on!
  Its been 25 days since Mawari moved, and its a relief to leave the Marina and head back down the winding waterways of Fort Lauderdale to Sylivia Lake to Anchor for the night. As we cautiously made our way through the shallow entrance we spotted a familiar boat ahead.. .. Jean and Mike on Sestina , also anchored nearby was Another Adventure! A gathering takes place before we go our separate ways!
The next morning We set off along the Hawks Channel to Caesar Creek , 45nms away, the first available anchorage for us along this shallow coastline . Arriving about 5pm we go aground at the entrance, there's no obvious alternative route in. . . and its another 20nms to the next anchorage, fine! Fortunately there's a full moon and the sky is clear, and we eventually drop anchor at Rodriguez Key around 9pm in 2.8 metres of water, (high tide),  that's another sleepless night ahead then. . . . . . .
The next day Its another 45nms to Marathon, a very sheltered anchorage and marine centre in the heart of the Keys. We sail most of the way with our genaker flying, avoiding the numerous crab pots along the way, the new furler is amazing! The opening panel on the new spray hood is even better! And I can send photos again on the fixed computer, magic! 
 There are 226 moorings provided by the Boot Key Harbor town marina, Marathon, which gives you an idea of the size of the place! There's a cruisers net at 9am every morning, yoga classes and allsorts of organised get togethers. We are back in the cruising community!