Off to Baltimore

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 5 Oct 2011 00:35
30nms 1200 frames
Can't believe we ended up staying in Georgetown for THREE nights, still we are off again to Baltimore. The weather is sparkling there's a cold front going through and the visibility is awesome! There are photographic opportunities 360 degrees, (secretly I think bob is questioning his B and H outlay) Within 12 hrs I have photos of bald eagles , war ships , snakes, bridges, dragon pedaloes, city skyscrapers and butterflies, not to mention the odd seagull!
We are anchored in the inner harbour surrounded by the rim of this amazing city. As there were no useful shopping opportunities in Georgetown our cupboards are bare , so we just pull up outside The Hard rock Cafe in the dinghy and have a burger, after several hours absorbed in sea life at the fantastic aquarium. This museum is very good at conveying the message that our oceans are in severe danger from over fishing and contamination due to excessive human consumption. There is a fantastic range of sea life from all corners of the earth, many of the animals have been rescued suffering injuries from fishing nets and speed boats or ingesting plastic bags or balloons (enough to put you off using either again)

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