The Panama Canal

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 19 Mar 2012 01:42
Barfly,(another Najad) positioning for the 1st lock
Retrieving the line with the 'monkeys fist'
Goodbye Atlantic as the lock closes!
looking accross our raft of three as we enter the lock
Handling lines. ... .
work in progress , view from Mawari, the monkey fist is connected to our lines and retrieved by the lock handlers
its a long way up, no wonder we needed 80ft lines!
Richard, Ali and Edwin helping to keep Mawari on the straight and very narrow!
The view behind us as the lock closes
Don't tell Scuba. . . . . . . .
Its a tight fit for our lock companion
Up and down. ....  .
Heading off across Gatun Lake
The Centenial Bridge at Full Moon
The last lock, on the downward locks the commercial ship stays behind us