Far Flung Fulanga

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 15 Jun 2014 20:25
The Lau Group of islands lie on the remote eastern side of Fiji. Fulanga, one of the hardest islands to get to, is in the far south eastern corner. 
Fulanga is an oval rim of  tree covered  islands within a lagoon about 5miles wide with a surrounding outer reef. Within the lagoon are hundreds of mushroom shaped limestone islets resembling some sort of lost world. 
There is no tourism and island life is traditional and simple. Theres no electricity, water is all rain collection and only footpaths connect the 3 villages.T he villagers are poor in material terms but rich in life, they share their land, work, children, food and seem happy and fulfilled. The 3 villages support about 200 people.
The islands have only recently become easily accessible to yachties , it is one of the most remarkable places we have had the privilege to visit. Stunning scenery, pristine waters, friendly people, beautiful secure anchorages and a great bunch of yachties to share it al with!
We only had provisions for about 3 weeks, not nearly long enough to explore and absorb this natural wonder.


The 'road' to the main village ,Monacake

Bob, Sue, the Chief, Laura, Bruce and the Turaga ni Koro all looking happy after the Sevusevu ceremony

Bob enjoying oranges with Tai while I am struggling with a bit of mat weaving.

Bis and Joanna, our hosts, in their lovely home which is unusually sophisticated for Fulanga.

Boarders at the village school in Monacake, its a 2hr walk from Naivindamu village, so children stay in Monacake 
for the week and the parents rotate care.

Monacake Village