wonderful whales 5/6th july

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 6 Jul 2011 11:50
Bob was concerned that we were becoming too relaxed, so an overnight sail was necessary to sharpen us up again. . . .
In order to justify the overnighter to Portland, 70nms, we were to sail offshore to Jefferies Ledge, a well known whale spotting location. how could I possibly resist?
Within an hour of setting off we had spotted 6 whale 'blows'. whale blows are extremely tantalizing and extremely frustrating; as soon as you have spotted one or two , possibly three, they completely disappear for several minutes and there is no way of telling in which direction or how far away they will emerge or whether you will be looking in that place just at the right time! Needless to say nothing more was seen of them. . . until about 2 hours later, when we were treated to a magical display of breaching humpbacks right in the middle of nowhere!
This was a very fortunate event, for Bob, as it almost compensated for the dreadful night that lay ahead. . . .

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