The next day

Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 29 Jan 2011 00:44
While in Portsmouth one must take a journey up the Indian River with ones guide/boat boy. The mouth of the river has a massive wreck at its entrance one of the several shipwrecks to scar the face of the bay and a strong reminder of the effects of hurricanes, in this case hurricane David in 1979, just one year after Dominica became independent,devastated the infrastructure of this island and left its population on the verge of starvation. But with great pride,our local guide Alexis rowed us gently up the river at the same time as spotting every bird crab, fish and reptile on the way.. . .It has been a great day for observing wild life. This morning we did two dives in Douglas bay , part of the Cabrit's marine park. The water is wonderfully clear and the sponges and coral so colourful. We swam through a tunnel teaming with fish, and saw amazing streams of volcanic gas bubbles rising up from the sea bed. . . . .

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