Still Grand Cayman

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 15 Feb 2012 02:12
The drive thru laundry presented us with a bit of a challenge, but we bluffed the soft top and the 6 cylinder engine rather well I thought. . . The supermarket was also within walking distance of the dinghy and to see fully stocked shelves of everything you could think of was (an expensive) delight!
The replacement engine fan had been delivered to the Marina we didn't go to, which provided another exciting challenge as no taxis were available to drive 2 people across the island if they could take 10 cruise ship passengers 1 mile to the beach! Eventually someone took pity on us and we got to the Marina only to find that the package was at the central post office. We finally arrived at the post office only to discover it was closed for its ANNUAL training day! To take full advantage of the weather window we had to leave as early as possible the next morning. Bob set off at first light, before the cruise ships embarkation, to get the taxi to the post office. According to Bob , the post office training day had not been a success in the customer relations department, he needed a tracking number, above anything else in the world at that moment. . . To cut a long story short the fan was fitted and we did set sail for Panama before supper, the same day!

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