A Kiwi and an Eclipse. . . .

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 16 Apr 2014 05:06
We stayed at Trounson Top 10 campsite last year and couldn't resist a return visit , especially as it was getting dark and had started to rain. The campsite has a small river meandering around it, an overhang in the rock which is filled with Glow worms and nearby access to one the most likely places to see wild Kiwi in NZ.

The guided night time walks to see the nocturnal Kiwi were no longer running as it was low season, so we fumbled around in the forest on our own. We could hear the Kiwis calling to each other and could even hear them crackling in the undergrowth, but they seemed to be very shy that night. We gave up the search and walked back towards the car in the moonlight, just as a large female Kiwi walked across the grass in front of us! She wasn't deterred by our presence, so we watched for several minutes as she prodded the earth with her bill to detect worms. I didn't dare get the camera out ,but it was a lasting memory.

We were just marvelling at our luck  as we sat out side our little cabin back at the campsite, gazing up at the stars, when we noticed that the full moon wasn't full anymore. It took a little while to figure out that it was an eclipse, our timing was perfect as we sat and watched the eclipse unfold. The perfect end to another great day. . .