Mystry solved/ Oyster Bay

Bob & Sue Dall
Fri 23 Sep 2011 17:38
40:52.983 N 73:30.747 W
By 4am we are underway. There's a tidal gate at Plum Gut to negotiate and it's always desirable to have the current in your favour, even if it means getting there by 6am. There's nothing quite like a narrow passage in the dark to concentrate the mind. . . The red, green and white navigation lights seem to move like chess pieces as we get closer and closer.

Daylight just emerges with us, as we reach the other side of the gut, and motor down a gloomy corridor of glassy water for the next 70 miles. There is nothing to be seen for the next 10hrs, no birds, boats or sea life, apart from the occasional densely populated bubble of fish that break the surface
But we have 4G on board! Our seemingly endless search for internet has paid off, (I wonder how long it will last?) Bob takes the opportunity to google 'swimming squirrels' lo and behold, they do swim! They do doggy paddle and use their tails as a rudder, but they only swim if absolutely necessary. . to think he pushed it back in the water after all that effort.. . .

Its been a long day but we are now less than a days sail from Manhattan and we are in an attractive anchorage, Oyster Bay, which was once the summer home of Teddy Roosevelt 26th president of the US. Mansions stand in immaculate grounds of 'Wimbledon striped' lawns that drape down to the waters edge.

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