Sublime to the ridiculous and back again

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 12 Apr 2011 01:41
We spend a couple of nights moored at the Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock,which is a rock covered in an hotel. We have a great wreck dive on a submerged aeroplane with Kilbride Divers who were fantastic, before setting off to Jost Van Dyke, home to the Famous 'Foxy's' which has a world wide reputation for fantastic beach parties. We decide its time for a night of revelling . . . .
When we arrive at the anchorage all the mooring buoys are gone so we set anchor, on a solid sea bed, the anchor is wedged between two small rocks and on one side,. .not good. As we contemplate this the anchored boat next door drifts downwind at a surprising pace. Fortunately the crew are on board to deal with it. But my hopes for a good night out are banished. . . .I suppose I could leave Bob to anchor watch?. . . As the pace livens up ashore, we dig into the bilges and feast on a 'Cumberland Lamb Hot pot' pouch and prepare for a sleepless night. .
Next morning we sail to Cane Garden Bay and take a vertical taxi tour from one side of the island to the other in search of Digicel. mission accomplished, things continue to improve as we sail to a lovely beach on Sandy island for a swim and then moor in Diamond Cay for the night. Our boat is surrounded by turtles and is perfectly set between two islands joined by a very shallow reef which breaks the crashing waves and frames the stunning sunset. . .
What a place this is! The water is about 6 inches deep on the reef, you can walk from island to island through the water, dipping into the occasional pool of deep, clear, bath warm water on the way , if the pelicans don't beat you to it!
We had tied the dinghy to an old wrecked concrete dock by the edge of the reef. As I had shoes on I walked the dinghy across the submerged concrete to deeper water , and suddenly realized I wasn't alone, as fin tips broke the surface of the water. . .I was surrounded by sharks. They were friendly sharks,as sharks often are, but it did put me off my evening swim. . . .

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