Annapolis and the boat show

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 13 Oct 2011 01:52
Annapolis is a wonderful town, very English in its relatively narrow streets, crammed with brick built buildings, housing coffee shops, small boutiques and bars, overlooking the waterways which accommodate the annual boat show.
It is here we spend a lovely evening with Patty, David and Jim, who sailed from the Caribbean with us in May . Next day Jim shows us round the Hylas 70, which he has been sailing over the season. We also have a peak at the Oyster 655, hmm. . . .
On Sunday ,after another busy day at the boat show, we meet up with Dave and Jenny, also on the Caribbean 1500, for another unforgettable evening. . . .Apologies to everyone who got a text from my phone saying it had been found on the floor in the Irish pub!

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