A world of its own; Great Barrier.

Bob & Sue Dall
Wed 5 Mar 2014 00:52
We are still in Great Barrier as a front passes over us making for some exciting sound effects on board, but not such a bad place to be weather bound and it gives us time to do some more exploring, this time by car. There are not many roads on GBI and even fewer vehicles . We picked up the rental car from outside the shop at Port Fitzroy, (the key was under the mat) and set off. . .. .

First stop, Windy Canyon, a steep 15min walk was rewarded with spectacular views

Next stop Harataonga Bay

New Zealand Dotterel

At the head of the bay, the perfect campsite. . .

Claris museum, one of the most interesting museums we have visited, crammed with fascinating photos and artefacts depicting life here over the past 200yrs onGBI.
The Kauri Forests were logged intensely between 1880 and the early 1930's. Copper and Silver and Gold were mined during 1920's. Whaling was a major activity and carried on as late as 1966! Pigeon Post was used here as a commercial venture for several years, honey and cream were major exports.