St Lucia

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 14 Feb 2011 00:14
Another robust sail using just the head sail! We cross an invisible line which represents home territory to us , not only are the next few islands English speaking , but we have visited them before in our chartering days.
Rodney bay is vast and very sheltered. Unfortunately our berth is opposite a rather busy road, but this is the first time we have tied up to something solid for over a month.
Walking straight from the pontoon to the supermarket is always a treat and on the way back some one calls out my name from the bar. . .Dos Tintos are taking full advantage of Happy Hour! We last saw them in Lanzarote where, after continuous badgering ,they gave us lots of really solid advice and opened up the possibility of going to Chesapeake in the hurricane season, as well as seconding our application to join Ocean Cruising Club , so it was a happy reunion. . .
We also spent a very productive time at Island Water World and sorted out all the parts for our new furling sail with the expertise of the wonderful Ian Cowan.
Next on the list was a visit to Serafina a 460 Najad belonging to Rob and Sarah Bell , who used to own Mawari! We had a lovely evening on Mawari with them and a very interesting return visit to the beautiful Serafina. It is not necessarily a very wise move to look at a larger Najad than the one you already own, its almost guaranteed to make you feel a bit green!!
We had shocking news the next day that Blue Water Rallies have canceled their round the world rally, due to start this year, which we were going to join in Antigua. So most of the day was spent on the internet researching possible alternatives and emailing our friends Helen and Mark who were to join the rally in Lanzorote.
Feeling fed up and stuffy we dinghy over to Pigeon Island , a national trust Park and Museum and climb up to the Fort. We had been here several years ago with the kids and have photos of it on the boat. . . We have a quick swim in the bay and go for a quick beer at the lovely little bar in our soggy shorts.. . . . About 4 hours later, after a delightfully entertaining evening in the company of Happy Bird from Holland ( who just sold their own Cinema and watched 200 films a year!)We meandered through the anchorage in the dinghy ,in the dark, in the rain. . . . . .
Sunday 13th

Its definitely time to get back into open water! Our tanks full of water , we head off to the south of St Lucia. . .boat boy land. . . With assistance we pick up a mooring buoy on the edge of the marine park in Souffrierre, right under the cliffs, next to the bat cave. Rather to close for comfort, but we eventually convince ourselves the boat is safe. In regular succession we are approached by locals selling alsorts of carved sea life, fruit and veg and finally a lovely selection of hand carved calabash bowls. . . . which we have to find space for. . . .
Bob barbecues on the back of the boat as we watch the sun settle behind the Pitons. . . .bliss

13:51.423 N
61:03.907 W

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