Bula Bula!

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 5 Jun 2014 08:26
Fiji consists of 2 large main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and about 300 smaller islands scattered across 1 million sq km. 
One of the first things I notice as we approach land after any length of time at sea, is the smell, Fiji smelled of a mixture of flowers and smoke, also very noticeable is the heat and humidity. The gentle landscape is covered in lush foliage and distant islands seem constantly shrouded in cloud. 
Savusavu on the northern island of Vanua Levu, is our first destination in Fiji. There are 2 small marinas with about 30 moorings between them and a few pontoon berths. The check in procedure was a circle of form filling and handing over money to various authorities stretched along the one and only road. The Fijian people are very welcoming and it doesn't take long get back into 'island time'.
The next few days are taken over locating all the vital services that most yachties need after time at sea, a cash point, the laundry, diesel, water, internet and phone cards, fresh produce and a good bar. Most fresh produce is found at the daily market, super markets sell mostly stuff with a long shelf life. Just about everything here is very reasonable in price compared to New Zealand with the exception of coffee and wine, wish we had bought more of both…Eating out so far has been really cheap {£3-£5 for a main meal) and very good.
With everything replenished and clean its time to do what we love best, explore the under water world. Koro sun is a local dive centre with some good diving on their door step, including a school of Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks. Unfortunately the sea was to rough to dive that area but we still saw some amazing creatures whilst we adapted to the warmer saltier water and some new gear.

Distant  sunset.

The produce market; lovely lady with coconuts. . . 

Don't think everything was for sale on this stall. .. 

. . . .some of the time

Typical high street store

Looking towards the anchorage in Savusavu

Waitui Marina (laundry, restaurant and butchers shop} with Mawari in the background

View from my port light

Kava. . 

Bob tasting the coconuts

Possibly the most ridiculously beautiful creature I've ever seen. . The Scorpian Fish