Passage to Fiji

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 5 Jun 2014 07:12
The passage to Fiji consisted of an assortment of exciting sailing, from wave surfing at over 10kts as 4 metre swells pushed us along,to reaching in calm seas at 7kts. Slowing down, speeding up, avoiding thunder storms and sheltering in Minerva Reef for 4 days to avoid the worst of the weather.
An exciting patch of weather ahead. . .

Night watch

Calm moonlit nights

Minerva Reef.

Sailing through Minerva Pass

Full moon through the unusual cloud

High winds kicking up the sea over Minerva Reef

Reef party; 27 yachts sat out the storm 

A Royal Albatross joins Mawari for a while

Sting ray in the crystal clear waters of Minerva reef

The blue lee cloth prevents us from falling out of bed on passage! 

Mor amazing reef. . .

More water heading our way. . .