Waiting for Weather, Deltaville

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 6 Nov 2011 00:11
The best thing about being stuck in Deltaville at the moment is the Marinas Buick. The trunk is bigger than our cabin and the wood effect fablon exterior decoration is so. . . well. . .noticeable. It is very similar to taking a boat to the shops, as it floats along the high way and heels very well when you turn a corner, going into reverse before you want to stop etc. Most of the doors worked and it knew its own way to West Marine (both of them!)
Despite this distraction we are very keen to keep going south as soon as the weather changes. It is a fact, that you are either sailing against good weather, or with bad weather, on the way to Florida!
In the comfort of our centrally heated boat, thoughts have turned towards Christmas and we have booked tickets to fly home for 2 weeks, sooo excited to see our offspring!!!!!
The 2nd best thing about being stuck here is that West Marine have a half priced selection of inflatable Kayaks, and as our last one had to be sent back with a leak, it very pleasing to find a much better alternative for a similar price!

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