Heading South via Coinjock

Bob & Sue Dall
Mon 21 Nov 2011 02:38
Our first fuel stop of many is at Coinjock. The gas pump has a sticker on it, 'Where in the hell is Coinjock?' well its mile 50 on the North River, North Carolina on the ICW, along the alternative route to the 'Dismal Swamp'.
We find a reasonably protected anchorage at Broad Creek, before setting off along the Alligator/Pongo River Canal.( The Alligator River is probably named for its shape rather than its contents)
At around 50 miles a day it takes another 2 days to reach Oriental where I enjoy my first 'legs an all' crab sandwich! The local chandlery lent us free bikes and ,along with Jenny and Robbie, we go in search of the consignment shop.
The ICW is quickly becoming the 'Intricately Complicated Waterway'. it takes 100% concentration to maneuver around, under and over tree stumps, shoals, low bridges and other boats through this narrow route. Along with tides, the variable weather and identifying suitable anchorages its exhausting!
Beaufort,known as the Gateway to the Caribbean, is only 40 miles from the Gulf Stream, a 5 day sail away from Bermuda and even less to The Bahamas. At mile 205, it is our next possibility to escape out to sea, its also a nice place to stop for a couple of days to restock, clean up and have another soft shell 'legs an' all' sandwich, while we wait for the weather window.

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