Catch up! diary

Bob & Sue Dall
Sun 17 Jun 2012 07:18
The past month has flown by. We never intended to stay in the Marquesas for a whole month, but we are still here 30 days after we arrived. . .
From Fatu Hiva we moved on to Tahuata, anchoring in Baie Hanamoenoa, a beautiful bay with resident Manta Rays. We spent an unforgettable morning snorkeling with 6 of them. I'm sure I could have fitted, whole, into their gaping mouths as they filtered the plankton rich water, but they seemed more interested in bumping us and following as we ducked and dived, magic!
Another unforgettable moment awaited as we sailed north of Hive oa to Ua Pou, as we spotted a pod of about 20 pilot whales heading toward us!
We stayed nearly a week in our favorite Marquesasian Island, Ua Pou. We hiked with Jerome, an excellent guide, across this spectacular island through the ' Valley of the Kings' with a welcome waterfall to swim in near the end (which took most of the day). Twelve towering volcanic plugs dominate the landscape, the highest reaching 1,200m, they are an awesome sight when they peak through the clouds! Another top 10 day!
Jerome's wife, Helene, cooked a fantastic dinner for all of us the next day.
Ua Pou is the only place in the world to find Flora Stone, created by a chemical reaction which forms flower like crystals in the rock.
The village of Hakahau is the main settlement with 1,000 residents, half the islands population. The church had views of the towering Volcanic plugs through 'open air' sides of the roof, amazing, the pulpit was carved from a single block of Tou in the shape of a ships prow surrounded by carvings of sea life.
Eventually we had to tear ourselves away. . . . .

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