Cruising resumed/Kawau Island

Bob & Sue Dall
Tue 18 Mar 2014 23:26

Once the weather had sorted itself out we had a few days left to explore the Hauraki Gulf before heading back to Whangarei. 
Kawau Island is renowned for its Mansion House, the whole island was bought by Governor General Grey in1862. He brought with him collections of plants and animals from all over the world, including a pair of Zebras, there's a bizarre picture of them in the gardens pulling a cart !

Arriving at the anchorage in Mansion House Bay, you can see the house by the jetty.

Wallabies bred successfully in Kawau, there are 5 species in NZ. They are now considered a pest and Wallaby proof fencing surrounds the Mansion house gardens, we saw them on both sides of the fence!

Remains of the pump house used for the copper mine

a Kawau 'road'.

The ancient woodland was peppered with surreal trees