Unplanned Visit to Suva

Bob & Sue Dall
Thu 25 Sep 2014 00:34
Catching up again! 
We thought we had left Savusavu for the last time and were headed to Vitu Levu, the main island in Fiji. Then my knee gave way and I couldn't straighten my leg, not good on a boat, or anywhere else for that matter!  Back in Savu savu once more, I was referred to an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Suva (Vita Levu) So we arrived in Suva on the overnight Ferry instead! Our excursion coincided with the Annual Hibiscus Festival and School Holidays, not a good time to arrive in Suva on crutches. . .


The overnight ferry was colourful,crowded and challenging. .  .

Making the most of it. . .

Hibiscus parade

The main attraction was a beauty contest, Bob thought 'Miss Southern Fried Chicken Express' should win. . . .

Another level. . .. 

A wheel barrow has so much more style!

Suva Market