Bob & Sue Dall
Sat 17 Sep 2011 02:33
Maymio joins us at Edgartown and the next morning we both set off to Cuttyhunk. We are not racing of course, but Bob does seem to spend a lot of extra care tweaking the sails! We leave about 10 minutes ahead of them and for along time it looks as if they are catching up as they take a more refined route round the island. . . . . In the distance I can see a rather large object floating on the surface, a huge leather back turtle. We had never seen one before, but it soon became apparent that it was dead. . very sad.
The race ends as the fog rolls in and envelopes us. A tug towing a huge barge slips silently past our port side. . . thank goodness for radar!
Its a relief to pick up a mooring in Cuttyhunk, as the forecast is for strong winds.. . .Its a long time since we have BEEN rolled around in bed, not since the Caribbean, a reminder of how sheltered the cruising has been here.
The next morning we wake up to a brilliantly clear blue sky and go ashore to explore this lovely, undeveloped island.

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