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Date: 27 Mar 2011 02:10:00
Title: Another world Saba

17:38.277 N 63:15.408 W
The pilot book isn't to encouraging about sailing to and anchoring in Saba, Aparently like all good kingdoms , it can be very difficult to get to ,but the rewards for the intrepid are well worth it , that's enough for us ,coupled with the fact that its has some of the best diving in the West Indies. . .
I need a positive distraction too. Cameron has flown back to England, we managed to contact him on the phone and he has booked into an hotel for 3 nights while he sorts himself out. Unfortuneately the friend he was meant to be staying with didnt work out. He is armed with all his stuff , his guitar and two lots of snowboard equipment! I'm sure he will sort himself out by Monday . . .
We get a call from Paulo to say our car , which is parked in our drive at home , is very damp inside and growing mushrooms, the contents are ruined,(all the clothes I couldn't take back on the boat!)
Do I want top fly home straight away and sort everything out?. . . . . .

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