25:32.024N 34:38.329E Port Ghalib, Egypt

Eric Alfredson
Mon 15 Apr 2019 07:07

April 09, 2019 Port Ghalib.


We arrived Port Ghalib after quite a tiring upwind leg from Suakin and had looked forward to some rest after the long trip from the Maldives. And we had planned a trip to Luxor, Abu Simbel and Assuan the following days. But when we were about to clear in the Quarantine officers said that as we had been in Sudan where they apparently have Yellow Fever in some areas all crew must show a vaccination certificate. And some of the crew did not have Yellow Fever vaccination. So we were turned away again and had to sail out at night in the increasing northerly winds. The mood on board was at a real low. We were tacking northbound during the night and following day. In the afternoon we got a windshift and could tack towards shore where we found a sheltered bay to drop the anchor.

We stayed in the Ras Abu Sawmah bay for two days waiting out the 25 knot northerlies. Good time for maintenance work after the long passage. We even got ashore for a while to do some shopping.  On April 11th the wind was down and we could  continue north towards the Suez Canal.