07:30.85N 79:42.55W

Eric Alfredson
Sun 26 Mar 2017 23:46
Sunday March 26th
At 7.30 his morning we left Panama and set course on the island of San Christobal in the Galapagos. On Saturday, our last day in the Pearl Islands we went for a tour to a fishermen’s village on the east side of Isla del Rey where we had a long walk on the beaches. The tide was coming in so we had a lot less beach to walk on, on our way back. There were several fruits and berries in the trees which we of course didn’t know the names of... The fishermen only had one lobster to sell and the fish we caught was to small to feed the four of us so we had Sandy´s  delicious tuna sandwiches for lunch instead. 
After lunch we sailed to Cacique on the south side of Isla del Ray. There we took the dinghy up the river Cacique and into its rainforest. Lots of mangrove trees with their big roots hanging above ground and some roots hanging from the branches sipping water out of the river. On the way back to the boat the tide had more or less emptied the river mouth of water so we had to pull the dinghy over the sandbanks...  No crocodiles in the river but we saw some mantas and many different exotic birds in the djungle.
The day ended with  “farewell to Panama” drinks with Charles and Nicky on board Calliope.
This morning we got a decent breeze, and up went the gennaker, but unfortunately it came down again already after an hour as the wind died completely. So we have been motoring for the rest of the day. The forecast does not look good. Very little wind ahead.
Regards from the Lisanne crew on the way to Galapagos.