10:09.60S 123:34.45E Kupang, Indonesia

Eric Alfredson
Tue 31 Jul 2018 13:52
Monday July 30th, 2018
The skipper returned to Darwin after spending three weeks in Sweden. A new crew member Mathijs ( Matt) from Holland had arrived and was installed on board Lisanne. During the absence the fantastic Oyster service engineer, Gavin had repaired the gooseneck and installed a new pin of a larger size so now we don’t expect any future problems. After preparing the boat for the next part of the trip and provisioned with all the first class food and drink that Darwin could offer we were ready to go. We had a “farewell Darwin” dinner together with the other 7 Oysters in Darwin in the nice Darwin Sailing Club.  The sunset over Nellie Bay is a great way to remember Darwin.
We left in the morning of July 27th and set course on Kupang. Unfortunately there was no wind at all so we motored along hoping for better wind further out at sea. But no. The sea was like a mirror for two days. We had a comfortable trip and could enjoy the marine life in the Timor Sea. We caught two nice tunas, had a hammerhead shark swimming close to the boat, schools of dolphins jumping on the bow and spotted several large sea turtles. We were a bit cautious when swimming as we saw shark fins now and then.
The last day we finally got some wind and had a good broad reach towards Timor. In the early morning hours we suddenly saw some of the other Oysters on the AIS and when we approached Timor Island we were suddenly 5 Oysters close together going to Kupang.
We anchored outside of Teddy’s bar and started the clearing in procedure. All went well and we were well taken care of. When we returned to Teddy’s Bar Lisa and Pontus had arrived from Sweden to spend 14 days on board Lisanne around the Indonesian Islands. In the evening we had dinner together with the other Oyster crews to celebrate our arrival.