18:56.13S 158:14.52E Half way to Australia !

Eric Alfredson
Tue 22 May 2018 06:00
Coral Sea, Tuesday  May 22nd 2018.
We left Port Vila on Saturday morning after having spent a few days on the scarcely populated islands north of Efate. Epi and Emea. We had a great time with snorkling and village visits.  In spite of our efforts we never saw the elusive Dugong (seacow) in Lamen Bay that was supposed to live there.
We also made a one night stop Havanah Bay on Efate and had a great dive on the Bottle Fish reef.
We have now sailed westwards for three days. The first day was a bit slow with unsettled weather and wind shadow of land but the last two days we have had a super fast reach in 15-20 knots of SE wind and logged over 200 NM a day. This crossing is very interesting as there are several reefs on the way so we need to do a bit of navigation. And the entrance into the Barrier Reef outside Mackay looks very interesting on the chart. We hope to be in Mackay on Friday night.