English summary

Eric Alfredson
Sun 27 Nov 2016 12:07
Mid-atlantic Sunday Nov 27.
We have had a strange trip so far. The first 5 days we had quite bad weather and were forced far north by the SE winds. But we have sailed in good breeze all the time and done good speed. On Friday night we were alerted by a distress call from one of the other boats in the fleet, Lady Nor, who had broken their rudder. We sailed close by to assist if there would be  a real emergency situation. We waited during the dark hours heaving to close by. In the morning they were assisted by two other boats in their charter fleet and decided to rig emergency steering and try to sail on westwards. After checking that the situation was under control we resumed our trip westwards. Totally we lost 15 hours on this operation and of course fell far down in the result list. But we will be compensated after reaching the finish line.
Now the weather is really good with sunshine and a 20 knot wind carrying us on a broad reach straight towards St Lucia. Yesterday we caught our first Dorado which later became a delicious dinner.
All the best from the Lisanne crew !