21:12.28S 159:47.11W Rarotonga, Cooks Islands

Eric Alfredson
Mon 31 Jul 2017 02:23

Rarotonga Sunday July 30th


After 3 days sailing from Bora-Bora we arrived Rarotonga. It is the main island among Cooks Islands, a tiny nation of only 16000 inhabitants. We made landfall after sunset on Friday night in the harbour of Avatiu. Lots of swell into the harbor forced us to drop the anchor far out and go stern to with long lines to shore. So we have to use the dinghy to ferry us ashore.

The island is very pretty. It is a holiday destination for New Zealanders with many nice resorts along the sheltered reef.

Today we went on an exciting hike with some newly found friends up in the mountains. The last bit we had to climb with ropes, exciting !

We will only stay here a couple of days before we set sail for the Tonga Islands. It will take us about six days to get there if the winds are cooperative.