Pictures from Marquesas

Eric Alfredson
Sat 13 May 2017 16:48

Marquesas Saturday  May 13th, 2017. Some pictures.



   Pilot whales                                                                      Diving again



    A nice Mahi-Mahi                                                                 A game of Hearts in the sunset



    Klas the Tuna killer                                                                 First sight of Fatu Hiva



   Fatu Hiva anchorage                                                             Wild scenery



   Oyster crews tasting local food                                           Trading fruit with Madeleine



   Altair under the Rainbow                                                    Our local guides



  Hiva Oa anchorage                                                                Training the kids



   Ua Huka anchorage                                                            Coconuts all over the place



   Relaxing at the pool with Pauline                                  Lisanne crew in “pool position”