10:16.05S 112:46.338W South Pacific, Half Way.

Eric Alfredson
Mon 24 Apr 2017 00:27
Hello Lisanne friends !
We are now almost half way to Marquesas. We expect to pass the half way line late tonight and have put the Champagne on ice and prepared our celebration dinner which will consist of a nice little Mahi-Mahi we caught yesterday and a nice glass of crispy white.
We are making good progress the last 3-4 days. A steady 20 knot trade wind from the SE is pushing us westwards in a beam reach with around 9 knots speed over ground. We have logged over 200 Nm per day the last days and hopefully the wind will continue to be favourable. We also have an ocean current helping us with around 1 knot. We have passed some of the other Oyster boats in the fleet. Some of them have rig and sail problems unfortunately.
Life on board rolls on. The “Hearts” tournament is getting more and more serious by the day. Eric had an advantage after practising during his 6 Atlantic crossings but the others have now caught up and the games are very even. Micheal is a very skilled baker and makes delicious fresh bread and Sandy makes tasty  chocolate muffins ! Klas is our chief pancake maker.  We had a haircut a couple of days ago but the beards are growing bigger by the day. We get fresh fish now and then but we also lose a lot uf lures, so there are some really big ones out there. We have problems with our watermaker and are now on water rations. Nothing serious and the personal hygiene is not yet in danger ! Eric wet his bed last night ! Forgot to close the hatch and got a scoop of salt water in his bed in the middle of the night. What a wake up call !
We hope spring has arrived in Europe !
Best regards from the Lisanne crew.