39:34.02N 02:38.02E Oyster Regatta

Eric Alfredson
Sat 8 Oct 2016 14:20

Palma de Mallorca October 15, 2016


Lisanne started in the Oyster Palma Regatta 2016. It was the largest regatta so far with almost 40 boats in 4 classes. Lisanne started in class 3 with 5 other Oyster 575s  and 2  Oyster 56s.  In the crew were Eric & Ann , Lars and Birgitta Rundqvist, Dan Hammar and Ulf Nordensson.

The weather was sunny with light winds all week. The races started late  midday when the seabreeze kicked in. We did extremely well and won the two first races. On the third day we made some mistakes but finished 2nd after all. And on the third day we won quite comfortably. So with the series 1-1-(2)-1 we took the class 1st.