11:02.65S 134:58.90W; Soon on Fatu Hiva !

Eric Alfredson
Mon 1 May 2017 18:30
Hi Lisanne friends ,
Now we can see the end of this long passage. We have about 200 Nm left to Fatu Hiva and the wind and our twin headsails are pushing us in the right direction with about 6-7 knots of speed over ground. We estimate to arrive late tomorrow tuesday. We’ll see if we can get in before darkness as the wind is predicted to die.
We are all looking forward to have a couple of days at anchor without nightwatches and with uninterrupted sleep..!
The Watermaker is still out of order but we have about 250 l in the tank and are confident that will keep us “floating” until the next port. One of the other boats has the spare part on board that we think we need to get it going again so we hope we can borrow it and start up the water production again. We are looking forward to unrestricted  freshwater showers and to run the washing machine.. We do our dishes in salt water and keep the hygiene on the lowest acceptable level without smelling to bad. Luckily an Oyster friend sailing nearby has promised us some fresh water when we are anchored –  wonder why he is sailing on our windward side all the time... ?
Today we moved the clock one more hour back which means we are now 9 hours after Swedish summertime.
Our fishing luck has changed ! Yesterday we caught a nice 8 kg Bluefin Tuna and two smaller ones – great with some fresh fish again! We had Tuna Sashimi as a starter and then tasty Tunaburgers with freshly baked bread and coleslaw, everything locally made even if not produced onboard.
Next message will be from Fatu Hiva.
Best wishes from the Lisanne crew on the South Pacific Ocean
Best wishes to all of you
Lisanne crew