37:55.09N 12:19.07E Isola Favignana, Sicily

Eric Alfredson
Sat 4 Jul 2015 16:18

Unfortunately the blog has been idle for some weeks partly due to technical problems and partly due to a lazy blogger. Here is a recap. We left Carloforte and sailed around the SW corner of Sardinia and found a nice anchorage not far from Cagliari where we spent the evening on board with a nice meal. “Agge” left us in the early evening.  He was taken ashore with the tender and found a taxi who took him to Cagliari to meet a waiting girlfriend for a tour around Sardinia. The next morning we went into Cagliari and got a nice berth in the marina in the middle of town.  Of course there was a festival there as well. A last meal with the crew, Charlotte, Richard and Jenny  before an early departure next morning to Alghero airport and the flight home.

Lisa stayed on board and the rest of the family Ann and Fredrik arrived for a week of family cruise.