11:57.42S 126:37.21W Day 13 on the South Pacific Ocean

Eric Alfredson
Fri 28 Apr 2017 15:29
Hi Lisanne friends,
We are rolling on, we are now on our 13th day at sea and have 4 more to go. 700 Nm left of the 2950 from start. All is well on board the crew is fine and healthy. It´s hot now, water temprature 32,9 C. The winds are weaker just now but we expect them to pick up again. Most of the time we are sailing downwind with our twin headsails, it works very well and is a safe way to sail. But yesterday we had a good breeze and were sailing with the assymetric in 9-10 knots boatspeed when a 20-22 knot gust hit us and the sail ripped. Shit ! We will see what the sailmaker can do in Tahiti.
The fishing has not been very successful lately. Nothing at all the last few days. We meet some very large japanese fishing vessels now and then. It looks like whalers or fish processing factories. Maybe they catch all the fish ?
We have not managed to fix the watermaker so we are on smaller and smaller rations. No daily showers and no laundy,  tough life ! But there is plenty of salt water around.
The food is excellent all the time. We have three good cooks on board, the fourth is not so sought after. Guess who! Fruit and vegetables are getting scarce though.
We are looking forward to get to the Marquesas. Our first stop will be on a small island called Fatu Hiva where we plan to stay “unofficially” for a couple of days before we go to the larger island Hiva Oa to clear in with the French authorities there.
We wish all our Swedish friends a happy Valborg!
Lisanne crew in the South Pacific