44:39.90N 08:14.75W Biscaya 2

Eric Alfredson
Sun 7 Jun 2015 17:18
Biscaya Sunday June 7.
100 NM to go until we reach NE Spain. We will be there early tomorrow
morning and round Cape Finisterre a few hours later. We've had a pretty
rough ride since last night. Wind 25-35 knots from NE. We are sailing
downwind with fully reefed sails doing 10 knots in huge waves. The boat is
rocking and rolling so it's tough to sleep because of all the noise from
wind and waves and rattling cupboards.
We have had company of dolphins most of the day and a pigeon that we've
named Doris. Shes been sitting on the boat for hours and left her droppings
on the stern. A huge wave sweeped her overboard once but after a while she
was back again.
We are a bit tight for time so we might skip Bayona and head straight for
Lisbon (Cascais).