08:23.14N 78:50.04W Isla del Rey

Eric Alfredson
Sat 25 Mar 2017 03:11
Isla del Rey, Panama. Friday March 24
Yesterday we sailed out into the Pacific – only 35 Nm but still...! The day started as usual with a nice warm sun and blue sky in Marina Playita, Panama City. The boat was provisioned and the  underwater body cleaned by divers as preparation for our Galapagos visit. We topped up the tanks, paid the bills and off we were ! The weather forecast said we had to motor to the islands of Las Perlas but as we came out on the water the breeze picked up and we rolled out the sails. 8 knots of speed...! When in Las Perlas we had to anchor three times before we got a good hold in a bay on the south side of Isla Contadora. After a nice afternoon swim, the first Pacific anchorage was celebrated with a well earned sundowner...Smile 
After a gentle sail in the sun today we found a good anchorage in a sheltered canal between Isla del Rey and Isla Canas. Surrounded by treeclad islands and with a small village to the southwest of the canal we took a tour with the dingy to the south of Isla Canas where some of our friends were anchored. And finally we saw the crocodiles – oh no!  – just breakers but very close... As we came back another three of our Oyster friends friends had anchored around us, Miss Tiggy, Calliope and Shalen and the Oyster party was going...
All the best from Lisanne.
Guest blogger : Klas