Msida Creek, Malta

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Tue 29 Sep 2020 14:50

35:53.773N 14:29.942E Tue 29th Oct 2020.  54nm 8hrs


The sail from Sicily to Malta has always been good for us & today is no exception.  A brisk force 4 mostly on the beam is giving us a fast sail (averaging nearly 7kts) only marred by some swell which is making Lindsay a bit queasy.


Our last time in Msida creek, thankfully as rates have gone through the roof!  €93 per night is outrageous; unavoidable as this is the only place to get workmen to visit the boat and we are told this is still the cheapest in the area.  Marinas are springing up everywhere and old jetties being converted to swanky places for the rich and boated.  You can only imagine where all the wealth is coming from, in a country which sells European passports for anyone with a million to spare.


However, enough carping because this is still a very special city with views, atmosphere and history that cant be matched anywhere in the world.  This is also the place to get boat work done in the med, helped by their perfect English and long maritime history.  Ray the engine guy arrived promptly the next day and in 4 hours removed the old cracked heat exchanger on our engine and replaced it with a (hugely expensive) new one.  The next day Kurt, the electronics wizard, had a quick play and diagnosed a corroded cable to the radar.  Slightly delayed on Friday because the supplier had closed due to a positive covid test, Kurt & his mate fitted the new cable in what seemed a few minutes and we were able to get away as planned.


With no apologies for having posted photos of Valletta before: