Caleta del Sebo / La Sociodad

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Tue 23 Oct 2012 08:45

We are still here on Isla Graciosa and hope not to have to rush away from it any time soon.  It really is a little bit of paradise and we are guessing the rest of the Canaries might come as a bit of a let-down after this wonderful beginning.  Yesterday we moved into the marina here in the town of Caleta del Sebo for a couple of nights as the forecast was predicting a large swell in the bay where we were anchored.  Most of the yachts there with us had read the same warnings and headed out, but as often happens the reality was not nearly so bad and we could probably have stayed on.  Still, it is good to be on a pontoon for a little while for easier shopping, chores and water replenishment so we are making the most of it.  Hope to return to the anchorage tomorrow as we have the time and it is so lovely.


This wee island is largely an unspoilt nature reserve with a bit of small scale tourism in the only town.  Many of the tourists are Spanish who obviously know about this gem and come to it for perfect peace and quiet.  Apparently the place was uninhabited until the end of the 19th century when a fish salting factory brought a few permanent workers and fishermen.  It was a hard life on an isolated, waterless and often windy island until conditions improved more recently.

Caleta del Sebo with a volcanic background: