Lagos (pronounced "Largsh")

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Mon 9 Apr 2018 19:05

37:06.594N 8:40.528W Sun 9th Apr 2018. 69nm 10hrs25


We wanted to get to Lagos (where we are meeting up with the family) before the 15th but yet another forecast for foul weather prompted us to do the last leg earlier than planned, and boy were we glad we did!  We had a boring day’s motor along the Algarve coast, only enlivened by rough seas around Faro, and arrived at Lagos just before dark.  The marina was closed so we moored up to the reception pontoon in the river and ended up stuck there for 2 nights in the foulest weather.  The rained hammered down for over 24 hours (cleaning the last salt off the boat, thank you very much) and we were blown roughly against the dock in really strong gusts.  We were finally able to move onto our berth on the 2nd morning, just before the wind and rain started again.  All this water has washed down the most disgusting looking muck down river, so it looks like we’re moored in a strong cup of tea (or something worse!):


We may be here for as much as a month as we host kids and grandkids and are busy trying to reacquaint ourselves with the area before they arrive.  Lagos has a pretty old town and some spectacular coastline and is very, very touristy.  We have been spoilt by staying in more authentic spots and are finding the high numbers of Brits and more expensive restaurants a bit challenging.  On the plus side, it does mean we don’t have to wait till late to eat in the evening if we go out!


Lagos river mouth. Spewing silt from the rains:

Lagos headland and spring flowers: