Mahon (Minorca)

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Thu 1 Apr 2010 17:15

Although this was in theory a shorter crossing than from Ibiza to Mallorca, it ended up being longer and definitely more challenging.  In the end we managed to sail about ½ the time, in lively seas and strong-ish winds.  Unfortunately the wind did a volte-face half way over, and we ended up having to motor at high power to get us through the rough and confused seas, until we reached the comparative shelter of the Minorcan coast.  After 10.5 hours, the long cala which shelters Mao/Mahon was extremely welcome.  We were both a little exhausted, not so much from the effort of sailing, but just coping with the boats motion (and still no sickness!).



We are moored stern-to the town key, with cafes & restaurants behind us and people walking by all the time, intrigued by the boats (or horrified at how we live – it’s hard to be sure).  We’ll probably stay a few nights waiting for the right weather for the 200 mile crossing to Sardinia.  We’ve done some chores, so now we can’t wait to explore this wonderful little town.  Lindsay says it the 1st she’s seen (so far) that she could imagine settling down in!  The town reminds us a little of Dartmouth with its long, sheltered inlet and all the boating activity and indeed has a British connection as it belonged to GB in the 18th century for a while and apparently even has a grass cricket pitch.  It also has a famous gin distillery with gin made from grape rather than grain alcohol and we would like to pay it a visit if it’s open while we are here.