S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 3 Jun 2011 11:00

The narrow straits between Sardinia and Corsica are notorious for strong winds and rough seas – not so for us though!  We only managed to sail for an hour in light winds during which we had a near incident with a French yacht who should have given way to us, but decided (correctly as it turned out) that he could just creep in front of us and miss us by a few feet.  Clever or arrogant?  The wind then deserted us completely, forcing us to motor the rest of the way.  The views as we approached Bonifacio were amazing:



Quite how occupants of the houses on the overhang sleep at night is beyond me!


Bonifacio is on a narrow limestone strip which has been worn away into amazing shapes.  The harbour is a narrow slash just behind the cliffs pictured above – just room enough to manoeuvre the huge yachts that visit (we’ve been neighbours to two 55m super-yachts so far).  It’s busy, expensive and noisy (techno-beat music all through the night), but nonetheless a fantastic place to kick back for a few days and enjoy being in France – the first time in our own boat!



Restaurants on the quay – we could be back in Greece (apart from the menus)!