S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Thu 3 Mar 2011 16:45

Day 3 of our weather window was forecast light and variable winds, so we were expecting to motor again.  Predictably that meant we headed out into rough seas and strong winds.  The smoke alarm went off again, but this time the conditions below weren’t so violent so I was able to spend more time investigating.  It turned out to be the way I’d tidied up after removing the generator, so that was easily fixed.  As the day progressed the conditions got closer to forecast, so we made good time mostly thanks to the engine and reached Hydra in under 9 hrs (53 nm).  Hydra is a small harbour and like most of Greece, you are expected to use your anchor and tie up stern to the quay.  We already knew that the anchor controller only worked in the “down” direction after it’s soaking around Cap Malea, but we had a plan to get in and it worked!  L did an amazing job getting our stern ropes through a rusty old ring in the harbour wall – probably our most tricky stern-to mooring experience so far.


It is very strange being back here again out of season.  We’ve probably visited 4 times before, but always when the harbour has been full to busting, and when it has been so hot all you want to do is hide from the sun.  This time the harbour is empty of all visitors and it is freezing!  At least the cool temperatures meant we could actually do some walking and so we headed out of town along the coast path westwards in the morning for a much needed leg stretch after 3 days on board.  We passed some delightful little coves and lots of expensive looking holiday villas and enjoyed the wildflowers too.  After a large taverna lunch, we had to have another, though shorter, walk in the other direction and were rewarded on the way back by terrific views of the surrounding islands and the mainland opposite in the late afternoon hazy sunlight.


An empty harbour and the always present donkeys!  The only motorised vehicles on Hydra are the rubbish collectors, so Donkeys do all the…. donkey work?


Cold enough to enjoy walking and exploring the surrounding area: