S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Mon 3 Aug 2009 16:30

We only spent 1 day up the Guadiano river in order to catch tides for our next leg to Cadiz.  We had another night in Ayamonte at the mouth of the river, in preparation for an EARLY start the next day.  This meant getting up at 6 and leaving the river in the pitch dark on the last of the ebb tide (2’6” under the boat as we went over the sand bar at the river mouth!).  We had un-forecast force 6 (gust of 30kts) winds to start the day, but at least we got a good 5.5 hrs downwind sailing in (with more gennaker practise as well) before the winds died.  It was very frustrating to read water temps of 25C and be heading for the city (off beach anchorages on the next leg though).

11.5 hrs later we are moored up in Cadiz; we were both pretty tired which accounts for a couple of scrapes on the boat as we docked.

The weather forecast for Tuesday is “blazing sunshine and very hot, will feel like 42C”