S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Fri 26 Jun 2009 18:00

We are now in Ribadeo, the most easterly town in the province of Galicia, on one of the rias (like a fiord) of which there are many in this corner of Spain.  We had a day’s motoring along the coast of Asturias to reach here, only enlivened by a sudden squall which brought a brief strong wind and kept us on our toes.   Ribadeo has what the guide book describes as a “certain crumbling charm” and it made for an interesting walk last night.  Galicia has until recently been a very poor area of the country and is likened to Ireland in its damp, wet, green countryside and the fact that many of its population have emigrated overseas especially to Argentina.  The town had some amazing old buildings that were very dilapidated but also some that have clearly been renovated as the region is now becoming more prosperous.  The language spoken here is mostly Gallego which is somewhere between Spanish and Portuguese and I don’t think the locals are that impressed by my halting Castillian!


The view up the ria towards the hills reminded us very strongly of looking up a Scottish loch but it’s a lot warmer here!


Later this morning we are moving on to the small holiday town of Viveiro (in another Ria) and will probably reach La Coruna the day after that. 


It still seems a marvel to be moving home every few days and waking up to a different scene.  The family would probably say that figures with our history!


D demonstrating how to wear short hair (leaving Gijon):


A fascinating, crumbling edifice (no, the one in the background!), built for housing in 1905 and in need of restoration:



Ribadeo by the dying light: