Mythimna, Lesvos

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sat 8 Jul 2017 16:45

39:22.088N 26:10.116E Sat 8th July 2017


We had a great sail from Limnos to Lesvos – or at least we thought so, our sea-sick passengers weren’t so sure!  We had a long (63nm) trip to do and with variable winds forecast, got away earlyish at 7:15 and were able to sail pretty much the entire way.  At first we were hard on the wind in only slightly choppy seas, but within a couple of hours we were fast reaching in very lumpy water; a bit upsetting for unaccustomed tummies.  Still, we made good time, 63nm in just over 10hrs.  We arrived in this tiny harbour anticipating problems mooring.  It has a reputation for having poor holding for the anchor and not much space to lay a long chain out.  We dropped ours right the other side of the harbour and feel very secure (although we are a bit skewwhiff as we laid the anchor in the wrong place!).


The books say that this is the loveliest town on Lesvos and we can see why.  It is overlooked by another great castle, largely built by the same Genoese guy who built the one at our last port of call, and the delightfully shaded streets, with a Turkish flavour, wind their way from harbour level up to the top.  There is a nice “beach” (all pebbles) a few minutes’ walk along the coast to ice the cake.  It’s a bit touristy, but we have to share our best finds with other people sometimes…


Mythimno by day:

…and by night: