Cartagena Yacht Port

S/V Goldcrest
David & Lindsay Inwood
Sun 11 Aug 2019 17:30

37:35.835N 0:58.785W Sun 11th Aug 2019.  26nm 3hrs40.


We are now in Cartagena where we will leave the boat to return to the UK for about 7 weeks for various commitments.  We debated whether to stay here for another winter but are currently thinking we will head off in October to Licata in Sicily where we had originally reserved a place before the accident.


It took a lot of motoring to get here, the wind as usual doing everything apart from what was forecast.  We anchored for a couple of nights; off the beach at Malaga after leaving La Linea and for a delightful rest and swim on the last leg here in an attractive bay, Ensenada de la Fuente.  Lindsay was happy with the swimming as the sea temperature shot up to 28C at last!  We only visited one new place, Motril where we stayed in the local yacht club.  We also re-visited one of our favourite Spanish towns, Almeria, in order to partake of the tapas which are so excellent there.


Almeria’s fortress-like cathedral:


The journey was pretty uneventful although we did manage for a while without the main alternator to charge the batteries whilst motoring.  It was a simple fault in the end, just a loose connection that caused the fuse-holder to melt open circuit (a design flaw that needs fixing for all the high power fuses).


The temperature is stinky hot, well over 30°C during the day and not getting very bearable overnight either.  Despite warnings about the weather in the UK we are looking forward to being cool!


Views from a headland outside Cartagena: